Possible Signs of Pregnancy

By | February 25, 2017

Signs alleged pregnancy or also known as presumptive sign will certainly be experienced by each woman is different. It generally depends on the health of the mother and the fetus in the womb. However, in some cases, very rare to see a woman who had signs of pregnancy occurring alleged mass or simultaneously.

So what are the signs that let see below.

1. Hegar’s sign

The first sign is to know Hegar’s sign. To be able to know these signs may be done by placing two fingers on the posterior fornix and the other located at the lower abdominal wall above the pubic simpisis. Through this examination will be felt in the uterine corpus that seemed to separate the parts of the cervix. Meanwhile, the pregnancy week 6 to week 8, bimanua examination can be known by checking this Hegar slowly.

2. Signs Piskacek

The next sign is the presence of enlarged uterus apda section. Where enlargement is generally uneven as to be seen protruding at the growing uterus kejurusan. These conditions make the portion of the uterus is pregnant grew faster in places implantation.

3. The Chadwick

Next is a sign that appears with a color change. This color change occurs in the mucous membrane vulba and parts of the female organs of women who generally turn out to be more purple. This sign could indicate the possibility of pregnancy in women. It just can not be concluded as the pregnancy is certain.

4. Signs Braxton Hicks

Signs that may occur is a sign that is closely linked to early pregnancy signs, namely at approximately the age of week 20. So this week the volume of water in the womb of pregnant women will be more. This condition will be felt by shaking the portion of the uterus is pressed so that the fetus will be visible warpage in the uterus. This condition is known as ballottement.

5. The Goodells

This mark will be felt by screening which in this sign will be palpable soft cervix.

6. Basal Temperature

After ovulation continues to remain high between 37.2 degrees up to 37.8 degrees. This sign is one thing that characterizes their pregnancy. These symptoms are often used to check for sterility.

7. Positive Result Pregnancy Test

One of prenatal care in a more modest scale is by screening through instant pregnancy test. Pregnancy test will help you in knowing tnada suffered physically and psychologically is a sign related to pregnancy or health problems.

When doing a pregnancy test and the result was negative, but at the same time you still do not get your period, then maybe you are too tired so that the pregnancy has not been seen when using a test pack.

So therefore, the best time to take a pregnancy test is seven days after sexual intercourse with a partner. You can wait back a few har, before re-test again. In addition, should you are encouraged to use a pregnancy test at the time of the morning.