Easy Ways to Recognize Signs Pregnant 1 Week

By | February 25, 2017

Actually there are so many pregnant 1 week mark that is usually perceived by the pregnant woman, a good sign that looks physically, emotionally or medically detectable signs. In general, there are many women who can not distinguish the signs of pregnancy with other matters, such as whether delayed menstruation means pregnant, but can be a sign of another. Some also mistakenly interpret symptom or sign of a disease as a sign of pregnancy.

Distinguishing signs of pregnancy with other signs actually not too difficult, which often create confusion is the absence of a sure sign of pregnancy that is easily recognizable. Determining a pregnancy seen from some of the signs, the more symptoms of pregnancy occurs in a woman, it is likely she is pregnant will be higher. Well, in order to avoid misunderstanding again on signs of women will become pregnant in the first weeks, this time we will discuss the first week sign of pregnancy when either non-medical or medically.

Pregnant Signs 1 Week Visible Non-Medical

In addition to using medical means, people usually often interpret some symptoms or signs as a sign of pregnancy. The omens are most often referred to are nausea, vomiting, and a late period. But actually it’s not enough just to determine a pregnancy. Women who are pregnant will be nausea, vomiting, and a late period, however, is not true, lady nausea, vomiting, and a late period may not be pregnant, could be due to other things. To be more able to confirm pregnancy, more and more signs of pregnant one week that you recognize, the better. Here are some of the symptoms of non-medical interventions for women who are pregnant.

  • Easier Tired

One of the signs of pregnant most often experienced by women are physically weaker than usual. While doing the activity usually pregnant women will be easier to feel tired. This usually occurs because of an increase in the hormone progesterone. This hormone is very important to support pregnancy and fetal growth, but has the effect of slowing metabolism in the body. In addition Anemia can also make the body fatigue early in pregnancy. Eating foods that are suitable for early pregnancy would be able to overcome this.

  • Lack of appetite

Signs pregnant 1 week usually is the second woman to be less appetite. Even foods that were previously highly favored was not appetizing. Nausea in early pregnancy is the main reason for the decline in appetite. In addition to hormonal changes in the body during early pregnancy also cause this. Lack of appetite are normal things that do not need to worry about.

  • Desire to certain foods

It is more familiar with the term “cravings”, namely the desire to eat certain foods, especially those that provide energy and calcium, such as dairy products and derivatives. There are times when women crave the things that are out of the ordinary. A simple example though never ate chicken noodle, suddenly very much like chicken noodle. But sometimes these cravings can also occur at the level of the more extreme.